3 Ways to Make a Hospital Bed More Comfortable

3 Ways to Make a Hospital Bed More Comfortable

Hospital beds are used by a variety of patients with different conditions. If you have had surgery, then a hospital bed can help with recovery and comfort. A doctor may suggest a hospital bed to you if you have issues with circulation, as unlike a regular bed, a hospital bed can be adjusted to improve the flow of blood around your body. It may also be that a hospital bed is required due to safety. If a user needs a caregiver and attention regularly, they may need a hospital bed so they can sleep securely. However, whilst hospital beds are built for rest and support, there are ways to improve the comfort of the beds.

Bed Wedge

A bed wedge is a type of pillow that is made of firm foam and is used during sleeping. The pillow is triangular and has an incline so that the user can sleep in a more upright position. Primarily, the pillow can be used to lift a person’s head and shoulders. This has numerous applications; for example, providing relief to people suffering from acid reflux or sinus congestion, and improving the posture and experience of any user who is bed-bound for long periods throughout the day. This can also make activities such as reding more pleasurable.

Therapeutic Pillow produces several bed wedges such as the Contoured Bed Wedge. This brilliantly elevates and supports your upper body, thus easing digestion and breathing. Additionally, this product has the added benefit of moulding into the patient’s body, therefore allowing them to have a pillow bespoke to them. There is also the added benefit of a pillow which can be adjusted by four degrees, from 14 to 10, depending on the ideal setting for the user.

A bed wedge is multifunctional and can also be used to relieve pressure on your lower body. If the pillow is placed under your legs, this can promote pain relief in your lower back and reduce the swelling on swollen feet which could be caused by DVT. In this case, you might want to consider Pelican Manufacturing’s Bed Wedge, which can be placed between a patient’s legs to prevent pressure. Additionally, the wedge has an anti-slide function for those who prefer sleeping on their side. Finally, the cover is waterproof, allowing for easier clean up in the case of users who may experience bowel difficulties.

Bed Table

People using a hospital bed could potentially be bed-bound for a long period, and therefore will struggle to move from one room to another, or from the bed to a table for meals. Consequently, a hospital bed table is a perfect way to reduce this stress and make someone’s experience more comfortable. You can set the table up and it will allow them to eat their meals or continue hobbies such as painting in their bed.

Dynalife’s Peak Care Over Bed Table is a great option for users, as the table can be raised to meet the level of the bed and has a tilt function, which is beneficial for writing or reading. There are further options such as the Deutsche Healthcare Over Bed Table, as well as the Invacare Bed Table. Both have wheels for easy movement and are height adjustable. Also, the Deutsche Healthcare comes in a range of colours, so that it can better match the patient’s personality or style.

Bed Risers

Bed Risers can be very useful in supporting a hospital bed and increasing comfort. They can widen the base of a bed’s legs, thus providing more stability, but also reduce the potential of the bed tipping when the user is moving around. Bed Risers are very easy to fit and require very little effort to install.

For instance, the Furniture Raiser Adapter by ADL Resources can be used to raise the height of beds and chairs, whether it be on all the legs, or just on one side to create a slope. The product comes in a range of sizes to best suit the patient’s needs and helps create a comfortable and healthy environment for the user.

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