5 of the Best Aids for Daily Living

5 of the Best Aids for Daily Living

Trolley walker

Trolley walkers are an ideal tool for people living with disabilities who may struggle to do daily tasks such as shopping. The trolley walker offers support, balance, and confidence to the user, and allows them to regain their independence.

Ausmedic’s Adjustable Height Trolley Walker offers adjustable height settings, to fit the shape and size of the user, as well as brakes to offer added protection. Additionally, the trolley is multifunctional and can be used with or without trays, or as a table.

Alternatively, you may want to consider K Care’s Tray Mobile option, which is more suited to in house use. If the user prefers spending their time indoors, then this could be a suitable choice. It comes with removable trays for cleaning and more knee clearance for the user. There are also easy to use buttons on each leg, which control the height of the trolley.

Shower stools

Washing and bathing can be a huge problem for people living with disabilities or injury, and therefore it is vitally important that your home is equipped with daily living aids that can make this process more manageable and comfortable. One of the aids that can make a big difference is Shower Stools. Shower stools are placed in showers and allow the user to sit down when they are washing, instead of being constantly worried about tripping or slipping in the shower.

There are a variety of stools to consider, with some prioritising comfort, and others prioritising stability. For example, R&R Healthcare Equipment’s Premium Padded Shower Stool is a perfect choice for those who may take longer to shower, as it has an enhanced PU padded seat which provides extra comfort. Additionally, the legs can be adjusted for height, which allows them to be specifically set to the user’s most comfortable position.

The Heavy Duty Shower Stool from K Care also has adjustable height settings, as well as a setting for adjusting the angle of the stool, to adjust for an uneven surface. The K Care stool has rubber tips on the bottom of each leg, designed to provide extra stability for the user.

Grab rail

Grab rails are a sensible installation for people living with disabilities, as they make tasks such as showing, getting out of the bath, or moving around the house significantly easier. Grab rails allow people to maintain their balance, conserve energy that may be used when walking, and reduce the weight being applied on their body.

Handrails can be a vital piece of equipment in your home and Handrail Industries’ Wall Mounted Grab Rail is a perfect option. Not only does the rail come in multiple sizes, but it can also be installed in a range of environments, be it wet or dry, or outdoors and indoors. Additionally, it comes in a variety of colours to help match a room’s colour scheme.


People living with disabilities can struggle with day to day tasks that may seem straightforward. One of these tasks is picking things up from a couch, or the floor without having to request help. To support their independence, the daily aids known as reachers can be very effective. Reachers are lightweight tools that allow the user to lift or reach things that they would not otherwise be able to reach due to their mobility. The first thing to identify when picking a reacher is which size you need, as there is a large range of options on the market of varying sizes.

Items such as the Homecraft Handi-Reacher, Homecraft Pick Up Reacher and the Ausmedic Combi Reacher are ideal for individuals with mobility problems. All three have been designed to accommodate four-finger operation, meaning it is easy to grip and use. Additionally, they have a 360-degree revolving head to avoid rotating the wrists, which could be the cause of some pain. Finally, both Homecraft products also have gripping jaws with a magnetic head, allowing greater functionality.

Kitchen aids

A key concern for people living with disabilities is how they can still do some things independently. As such, cooking and eating can often provide a great deal of stress and anxiety. There is a wide range of daily living aids that are available to make this process easier.

One Touch has developed a range of products to make life easier for those who may be unable to open bottles or jars. The Automatic Jar Opener is can be placed simply over the jar, and at the press of a button twists the lid, opening it.

The Automatic Bottle Opener works on both metal and plastic lids. Its rubber jaws adjust automatically to the size of the lid and breaks the seal effortlessly. These are ideal items for those who have weak hands or difficulty gripping.

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