5 of the Best Shower Chairs to Buy

Shower chairs are a safe and useful way for people living with disabilities to wash and clean themselves, without being worried about falling over or slipping. People with injuries could also require the use of the shower chair, as excessive movement could cause pain.
In this post, we outline five of the best shower chairs you can purchase to make showering a more straightforward and risk-free experience for more vulnerable people.

K-Care Heavy Duty Shower Chair Steel Zinc with Plastic Seat

The chair is designed for use in the shower and has a plastic backrest which works in tandem with the plastic seat. This provides the user with postural support and comfort. The postural support is important for people living with disabilities, as they would likely be using the chair every day, and the extra support in this chair from K-Care prevents reduces the chance of pains developing in the upper back.
Additionally, the seat is adjustable, meaning the height and angle can be changed to best suit the user. The product also has arm support, which helps when standing and sitting down.
Finally, the legs are supported with rubber tips to ensure the chair does not move when the individual is sitting down. This stability is vitally important for people who may have injuries or damage to their lower legs and who could easily fall in a shower.

Aquatec Pico Shower Chair

Aquatec’s Pico Shower chair is another excellent example of a product that offers stability and safety to those who need support when washing. The textured surface of the seat is very comfortable, allowing the user can take their time to shower, without feeling rushed by discomfort.
The seat is also very spacious, with a width of 430mm. Additionally, there are adjustable legs on the chair which allows the user, or their support worker, to amend the height of the chair. The maximum height is 575mm, whilst the lowest setting is 425mm, giving the user plenty of space to get the right setting for them. The chair also has rubber feet meaning it will not move around in the shower. The chair is unaffected by water, and the large hygiene recess at the front keeps the experience safe and hygienic.

K Care Mobile Shower Chair with Plastic Seat

This K Care product is ideal if you need to move an occupant in and out of the shower, as the chair has a wheel on each of its four legs and has a maximum weight capacity of 110kg.
There is an integrated handle and 125mm castors which make steering the chair simple. The contoured plastic backrest and seat offer further comfort and stability, meaning the user will feel totally in control and relaxed whilst showering.
Mobile shower chairs can also be a great option for those who like minimal bathrooms and would rather not have the chair in the shower all the time. You can move the chair out and store it elsewhere if you feel that is not aesthetically pleasing.

K Care Maxi Shower Chair

The Maxi Shower Chair is one of the best options on the market if the user wishes to be in absolute comfort during showering. The chair has padded seats and padded arms and puts the comfort of the user above all else. The Anti-corrosive zinc prevents the chair’s colour and appearance from fading. The chair also comes in three different sizes, with a different width to suit users of various shapes and sizes. The stark white colouring of the chair will also allow it to fit in with most bathroom colour schemes, without seeming out of place.

Homecraft Rolyan Aluminium Shower Chair

This seemingly simple shower chair is anything but, and offers comfortable and safe showering for a wide range of users. The seat has been specifically designed with a curve, to offer comfort for anyone sitting down, but is also cleverly designed to allow water to drain quickly.
Additionally, the use of aluminium ensures that rust will be prevented, and after purchase you have a lifetime warranty against rust. The chair also has a smooth and easy to use height adjustment, meaning people of all sizes can use the chair, whilst the reinforced frame allows for a strong grip when showering. This gives the user confidence that they will not fall or injure themselves, allowing them to shower in peace, without any anxiety.

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