Hospital Beds - How to Pick the Right One for You?

Hospital Beds – How to Pick the Right One for You?

There are several reasons someone might require a hospital bed; it could be that they are living with a disability, thereby limiting their mobility. Alternatively, they could have just had major surgery and require a hospital bed for recovery, or it could be that they need support from a care worker for another reason. Hospital beds offer more safety and security for the user, as well as making the job of a carer easier. In this post, we highlight certain things to consider before picking your new hospital bed.

What condition is the user in?

The main thing to consider before buying, is how mobile is the user and what are their priorities? Can they get in and out of the bed, or do they require support? How is their balance? Do they need any other mobility aids? For example, if the user can move around themselves and adjust the bed manually without much difficulty, then you may not need a fully electric hospital bed. In this case, the Invacare CS7 Hospital Bed would be a good option, as it offers versatility for users. You can lower the bed for easy access and exit, and the bed is designed to offer stability so that movement will not cause any damage to the room or the user.

How many hours a day does the user have to be in bed?

Another key question you need to consider is how long the user will be spending in the bed. If the user is recovering from an injury or is more mobile, then you may only need a manual or semi-electric bed. However, if the user is confined to the bed for a long period during the day, you will need to consider investing in a fully electric bed such as Peak Care’s Electric Folding Bed. This is a powerful product, with a 24V DC To-Motion actuator system with four motors and six functions. There is also a range of changeable angles, be it the backrest, the Trendelenburg angle and the footrest angle. This offers a wide spectrum of different comfort settings for the user. Additionally, you can also have optional extras such as side rails or self-help poles.

What size is the user?

The size of the user, whether in weight or height is pivotal in picking the correct hospital bed. For instance, if you have a patient who is bed-bound and has a heavier weight, then you need to consider the effect on this may have on the bed. In this case, you’ll need a bed like the Alivio bed, which can support weights of up to 226kg. Alternatively, if the patient is of smaller stature, then you may want to consider a bed that is lower to the ground such as the Walmsley Floorline Bed, which is ultra-low making it safer for individuals to get in and out of the bed. The product also has a corded remote, allowing you to change the height and angles of the bed, making it easier for the user to get into the bed, and feel comfortable once in there.

Does the user require any additional aids?

It could be that the user needs bed rails, or side poles to avoid falling out of the bed, and to offer support. When picking the right bed, you need to consider this so that the user can feel not only comfortable, but also safe and secure in the bed. The EasyCare Hi Lo Bed, has corner mattress stops which offer security to the mattress surface and can help the user feel safe and more stable in the bed. For a more simple option, the Invacare Etude Plus HomeCare Bed also caters for many users, but the wooden side rails offer greater support when sleeping or resting.

Who needs to install it?

Finally, you may want to consider the installation process. It could be that you will be able to transport and build the bed yourself, in which case you need not worry too much. However, should you need a professional to install the bed, you need to ask the retailer whether this fee is included in the overall cost, or if there is an additional charge. In this case, it is important to ask the installer any questions you may have or solutions to any potential issues that could arise.

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