How to Choose a Wheelie Walker for the Elderly

How to Choose a Wheelie Walker for the Elderly

Choosing the right wheelie walker or rollator for an elderly person can be a tricky job, as there are several options to choose from, and it can seem quite overwhelming. A wheelie walker is ideal for an elderly person who has trouble walking or becomes fatigued when having to move a regular walker. There are certain key aspects you need to consider when choosing the right wheelie walker.

Where will you be using the wheelie walker?

You need to think about where the user will be predominantly using the walker. If they are mostly confined indoors, then a walker with smaller wheels would be preferable, as it will be able to manoeuvre around the house much more easily. It is also important to measure the doorways to make sure the wheelie walker that you choose will fit through them. Three-wheeled wheelies tend to be a better option for indoors.

If you are thinking about getting a walker for someone who may be spending time outside as well as indoors, then make sure to purchase a model like the TAiMA Walking Frame, which has 8” wheels in diameter, the larger wheels are better on rougher terrain. An even better option for users who want to be more active outdoors, is the Stannah Active Walker, which has 10” wheels for outdoor terrain, and comes with accessories including a backrest, seat cushions, walking stick holder, and a deluxe bag.

Getting the right size

You must know the size of the user and their measurements so that you can get a wheelie walker that fits them perfectly. You will need to measure the height and weight of the user before purchase, so ask them to stand up straight, with their arms hanging by their side naturally. You can then use these measures to make sure the handles are in the appropriate position. Additionally, consider the overall weight the rollator can hold and size of the seat, so the user can rest comfortably. The user must also be measured so that they can hold the grip and brakes without any issues. The K Care Bowls Walker Deluxe could be a perfect option for those looking for a comfortable grip due to its ergonomic design.

Can it be stored safely?

You will need to think of where the elderly user lives, and how active they are. If they are in a care home for example, the wheelie walker should be collapsible and easily stored away, so that it is not taking up too much space in their room. The Nova Meteor Standard Hand Brake Walker is an excellent option for those looking to store the walker when they aren’t using it. This model folds for storage, and is also easily transportable due to its lightness, which could come in handy for an elderly user.

How much support is needed?

If you are buying a wheelie walker for an elderly family member or friend, then you will need to assess how much support they need daily. If someone has less upper body strength and requires more support from the walker, then you should consider a four-wheeled rollator. This will also be of assistance for those who might walk longer distances but get tired when doing this. In this case, you may want to consider the Easy Way Ultra Light Walker which has four wheels. This model is popular due to the four wheels helping with stability and keeping the user’s balance.

What is the walker made from?

The walkers can be made from a variety of materials such as carbon fibre, heavy plastic, and metal, with steel and aluminium being the most common. Steel frames are the heaviest and therefore these are not ideal for older users. Instead, you may want to consider an aluminium option, which is light but is usually more expensive. The Ellipse Lite Rollator would be a great choice, due to its light frame being made from aluminium materials, and it has adjustable height tools so that the walker can be personalised to the user.


The type of wheelie walker you purchase should be entirely dependent on the elderly user. There is not a one size fits all approach, and therefore measurements and research must be done before you buy a walker. The right wheelie walker can transform a user’s life and allow them to remain active and healthy despite their physical troubles.

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