Useful Mobility Scooter Accessories

Useful Mobility Scooter Accessories

Mobility scooters are a brilliant option for people living with disabilities, or the elderly, who can struggle with walking as they get older.

The mobility scooter allows you to get around easily and retain some independence, particularly if you want to go shopping or visit friends who live within travel distance. Whilst every scooter on the market will come with the same basic functions, some have additional extras or accessories which you can purchase to improve your experience.

Mobility Scooter Seat and Panel Cover

Once you have purchased your mobility scooter, a key part of ensuring its longevity is protecting the item itself. This is crucially important if your scooter has been designed for comfort such as the Merits Explore 4 Wheel Scooter. This has been conceived with fully adjustable contoured seats, which can slide, swivel and recline, which maximises your comfort when driving the scooter. If you were to leave this without a cover there could be damage to the setting, which would reduce comfort but could also lead to additional repair costs.

Some mobility scooters come with high-quality onboard screens, such as the Merits Inceptor Series 2, which has a modern LED lighting system with a digital LCD dashboard display. If you live in a region which can experience temperamental weather, you will need a control cover panel to prevent any damage occurring, as this LED screen could be an expense if a replacement was required.

A storage cover can be a smart choice even if your scooter is kept indoors for the majority of the day, as grime and dust can still build up inside, and the cover can lessen the amount of time you need to spend cleaning the vehicle.

Additional Storage

Mobility scooters come in all shapes and sizes, and consequently, it could be that you need some further storage accessories. People will use the mobility scooters to go shopping or take part in the day to day activities, and therefore they require storage space, where they can put shopping or walking sticks.

Some options come with additional storage and space, such as Invacare’s Leo Compact Scooter, which has been crafted with ample space on the floor for extra legroom, and most importantly extra storage. This makes it extremely useful in carrying out daily tasks.

Some mobility aidscome with optional extras to improve their storage capacity. The Pathrider 130XL Scooter, for example, has a large front basket as a standard feature, but also has an optional rear basket and walker holder. This means you will never be short of space and can focus on driving the scooter safely, rather than worrying about whether items are going to fall off. Furthermore, this model also gives you the option of a durable weather cover which will protect any items in the storage baskets, as well as maintaining the outer aesthetic of the scooter.

A Utility Ramp

If you are confined to a mobility scooter or need it for short journeys, you may need to get a utility ramp for both your home and car. Mobility Scooters such as the Pioneer Scooter Range offer a smooth and comfortable ride, with 4 pole technology that allows for climbing steep driveways and hills. However, in order to get out of your home, you will need a ramp fitted to avoid serious damage to the mobility scooter, and more importantly to ensure your safety. If you have a large garage this may not be a necessity, as the scooter can be placed in here.

However, it would be useful to have a PVI Utility Ramp added to your car. This is a lightweight product and can be separated for easy setup and storage. These ramps are attached to the car, and allow the mobility scooter to be easily transferred on and taken off. This will give you the freedom of going on holiday or travelling longer distances without anxiety. These ramps come in various sizes depending on the type of mobility scooter you have, so make sure you research this thoroughly.


A mobility scooter can be a life-changing purchase that offers a level of independence that you may have assumed you had lost. However, when buying the mobility scooter, you should ask as many questions as possible about not only the features that come with the model, but also the additional extras that may be needed. These accessories may cost a little extra, but they can transform the driver’s experience.

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