What Are Air Mattresses Used for In Care?

What Are Air Mattresses Used for In Care?

What is an air mattress?

An air mattress is a mattress that comes in a variety of models, with some having differing air pressures and movements. An air mattress is designed to combat problems that may occur if you are spending a great deal of time in bed. Being bed-bound can unfortunately lead to several medical conditions, such as sores or pressure ulcers. These appear when the skin suffers from a lack of oxygen. If you are being confined to lying on your back for a great deal of time this could result in a decrease in blood flow, which causes the death of cells and the growth of sores. Star Cushion has produced an exceptional product which has 720 cells and is air adjustable. The low pressure and low shear support surfaces conform to the body and provides comfort to those with pressure related issues, such as stage IV pressure ulcers.

How does air mattress work?

Air mattresses are perfect in preventing these problems from arising and create a comfortable and relaxed environment for the user. The mattress has been designed to stop pressure from building through a range of different pattern and motions. The mattress’s patterns quickly disperse pressure and promote circulation around the body. Air mattresses target high-pressure areas in your body and can be configured or personalised to focus on certain body parts that may be causing problems. For example, if you suffer from greater pressure in your upper body, the air mattress can be deflated in these places to provide additional comfort.

How long does it take to inflate an air mattress?

Most air mattresses come with a pump to make the process of inflation easier. On average an air mattress can take up to an hour to pump fully, meaning the first time you set it up, you should not leave it until just before it is time to go to bed. Ideally, you will have inflated the mattress in advance of the user arriving, so that they can immediately feel comfortable.

Who are air mattresses for?

Air mattresses are ideal for those who are bed-bound or spend a great deal of time in bed. If you are living with a disability, or are recovering from a long-term injury, you may consider purchasing an air mattress, as they are designed to prevent pressure injuries from arising. Older patients are more at risk of pressure injuries as they can suffer more problems with circulation, and cells can break down more quickly. As loved ones and relatives get older, it is important to investigate whether they will need an air mattress.

In some cases, air mattresses are designed to redistribute pressure. This is when the person’s body weight is redistributed around the wider surface of the mattress and reduces the overall chance of ulcers forming on the bonier parts of the body such as the lower back.

Are air mattresses comfortable?

Air mattresses are comfort aids, as their primary focus is to release pressure and decrease pain. Most people who require an air mattress are suffering, therefore the air mattress will certainly make sleeping and resting more comfortable. Newly developed air mattresses such as My Comfort’s Euro Ausili Hybrid Mattress are tremendous in providing comfort and therapy at once. The pump causes no motion sickness or vibrations, meaning even when the pump is detached, air will still flow between cells, allowing constant stability and comfort.

Are air mattresses safe?

Air mattresses are very safe and for patients with body aches, and who may be bed-bound, they will provide far more stability and security than a normal mattress. Primarily, they are designed for pain therapy, and in many cases can be shaped to the needs of the user, thus ensuring someone living with a disability or mobility issue isn’t constantly moving around due to discomfort, which would increase the risk of falling. Additionally, mattresses such as the Funke Maxx 250 Mattress have been designed to be permeable to steam, and are flame retardant, something most mattresses aren’t.

In summary

Air mattresses should be a key part of supporting anyone who is living with a long-term disability or limited mobility. However, it is vitally important that you choose the right type of mattress to best support someone’s comfort and rehabilitation. Thankfully, as mentioned in this post, there is a wide number of options out there.

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