What is a Roho Cushion?

What is a Roho Cushion?

A Roho cushion is an inflatable cushion that is placed on wheelchairs and beds to increase comfort for those who are bed-bound or confined to a wheelchair. For those who struggle with mobility, having a comfortable place to sit or rest is of paramount importance, and Roho’s advanced designs provide this. Whereas normal cushions may feel comfortable, they may not be helping to support a healthy posture or blood flow, which if you are sitting or lying for a long period, can have serious implications.

How to use a Roho cushion?

People with some discomfort when sitting or lying down for prolonged periods. This includes patients who may suffer from nerve conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia. Equally, those who are in recovery from surgery and require staying in bed or sitting for extended periods would also be the perfect audience for a Roho cushion. Additionally, pregnant women may also find huge benefits in having a Roho mattress during the latter stages of pregnancy.

Using a Roho cushion is fairly easy and we recommend placing it in the areas that you commonly lie or sit. For example, if you spend all day at a desk, then you may want to consider using the cushion on your seat or replace your standard cushion with the Roho option to help distribute body weight. It is important that you correctly set the cushion up and make sure the inflation is personalised to your body so that you can see the transformative effects of the cushion.

How does a Roho cushion work?

The Roho cushion uses air to provide a comfortable surface for users and appears similar to an inflatable mattress. However, unlike typical cushions, Roho has created a product designed for both the seating and lying position, which has the added benefit of preventing the development of bedsores. Bedsores can be a serious problem for people with less mobility, and occur when skin stays on the same area of a bed for a long period.

The Roho cushion distributes the pressure throughout their surface to limit the pressure on the skin and promotes healthy blood flow. This helps prevent any future injuries from occurring. Additionally, the comfort afforded allows users to spend time doing more activity and keeping a healthy lifestyle. The Roho cushion can be a vital tool in helping someone with short term or long-term issues, rehabilitate and try to have as normal a life as possible.

How do you inflate a Roho Cushion?

To use the cushion, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Once you receive your order, open the packaging and make sure that all the products are included inside; a cushion, a cover, a pump and your manual.
  2. Place the Roho cushion on your chair, and make sure it is sitting in the centre with the flat side down, with the air valve on the front left corner.
  3. Open the air valve by twisting it counter clockwise.
  4. Connect the pump and the air valve and begin to pump the cushion.
  5. Remove the pump and twist the air valve clockwise
  6. Slide your hand underneath the user’s lowest bone, as they are seated on the couch and deflate the cushion slightly.
  7. Allow the cushion to lower until you can barely move your fingers.
  8. Rotate the valve clockwise to close again.

The Roho cushion supports any shifts throughout the day, and if the user or yourself feels that you are touching the bottom of the cushion, then please re-inflate.

How much does it cost?

The price of Roho cushion changes depending on the product you want. Roho has a range of cushion products for use on mattresses, wheelchairs, and office chairs. Some products such as the Roho Mosaic Cushion can be bought for just over $260.00, whilst the Harmony Cushion option is also available for $300.00.

Some of the cushion options increase in price when they have added extras that help the weight distribute more effectively and offer further comfort, such as the Single Valve High Profile Cushion which can be purchased for upwards of $880.00.

If you are in the market for a Roho mattress, then these are naturally more expensive as they cover a greater area. You could expect to pay around $520.00 for the basic Prodigy Mattress, whilst the more luxury Dry Floatation Mattress can cost over $3520.00 but offers huge therapeutic results for the users, and can improve their capacity for further activities and comfort.

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