What Kind of Equipment Can I Buy Through NDIS?

What Kind of Equipment Can I Buy Through NDIS?

The NDIS (short for the National Disability Insurance Scheme) is an Australian Government initiative that provides funding and services for citizens born with, or who have acquired, disabilities in their life.

The scheme allows participants to self-manage their own funding or to nominate another person or organisation, to purchase services and products that will actively help support their daily life.

In today’s article, we look at the type of equipment that can be purchased via the NDIS scheme, and how this can benefit day-to-day routines at home and work.

Alarm Systems

Accidental falls out of bed or a wheelchair can cause substantial anxiety for people living with disabilities. Personal alarm systems provide reassurance that a fall out of bed or out of a wheelchair is immediately identified by an automatic alarm system. Under mattress sensor pads, chair sensor pads and wheelchair alarms can all be used to immediately alert caregivers. The user does not need to press any buttons or activate the alarm manually, thereby protecting them in the event that they are unable to initiate an alarm themselves.


Ensuring that your home is accessible and safe has never been more important. Home ramp systems can be purchased via NDIS to make the home environment much easier to access and encourages increased mobility for the participant. Furthermore, portable ramps allow people living with disabilities to not be constrained from travelling. NDIS can be used to purchase items such as foldable ramps, so that even in unfamiliar buildings and locations without accessible entry points, there are options.


NDIS also allows purchasing for the simplest and most common mobility aids. For those individuals that have maybe undergone recent medical operations or have limited mobility, crutches are a valuable item of equipment that gives them the freedom to travel with flexibility and comfort. NDIS means that participants can choose the very best crutches available to suit their needs, they do not need to settle for whatever crutch is given to them. Adjustability, comfort, and support all differ depending on what crutch you are looking for, so the NDIS programme allows the participant to decide.


Thousands of NDIS participants have used their funding to find and purchase the right wheelchair. Considerations such as comfort, usability, weight, size, and support mean that every wheelchair user may need something slightly different. Whether it’s an ultra-lightweight wheelchair that isn’t tiresome to manoeuvre or an electronically powered wheelchair that requires little effort to travel, the NDIS plan helps participants make the right choice for them, regardless of cost. Furthermore, options to accessorise and customise the wheelchair (e.g. additional back, neck, and arm support), can also be covered by NDIS and help avoid unforeseen costs to the user.

Personal Lifting Device (Hoist)

For many people living with disabilities, getting in and out of bed can be an incredibly frustrating and arduous task. NDIS covers the purchase and installation of personal lifting devices (hoists), so that people can have the independence and freedom of getting in and out of bed on their terms, and without intervention. NDIS covers a wide variety of hoist systems, including electric lifters, full-body lifters, and stand up hoists. Depending on the user’s circumstances, these devices can be life-changing in giving back control and encouraging independent living.

Shower Seat

Like hoists, shower seats can not only physically support people living with disabilities, but also facilitate more control and independence over their day to day routine. Shower seats can mean that the user doesn’t have to rely on someone else’s help to shower and can also make showering a more enjoyable and relaxing experience without the need to support themselves (which can often be incredibly tiring). In this way, shower seats are a great example of how NDIS does not improve only accessibility, but also the mental welfare of its participants.

In conclusion, there is a wide variety of equipment that can be purchased through NDIS, and as an NDIS provider, participants can speak to us directly about their needs and buy online. Items large or small can have an immediate benefit of quality life, as well as mental wellbeing.

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