What to Consider When Buying A Walking Stick

What to Consider When Buying A Walking Stick

Seeing a loved one walking less confidently can be quite concerning, however there are options you can take to support them and restore their confidence and stability. A simple way of doing this would be to get a walking stick.

Walking sticks provide additional support to people and reduce the amount of strain and weight they are putting on their body. They also make the experience of walking on uneven ground or outdoors much easier, as well as ascending and descending stairs more comfortable.

Before you choose a walking stick, there are several things to consider. Firstly, check with a medical professional to make sure that a walking stick can support the user and that they do not require further mobility aids such as trolleys or crutches.

Once a walking stick has been decided as the best option for offering support, then you will need to purchase one that has been measured correctly. The stick will take the individual’s weight, and if it is not the correct size, they could suffer some muscle strain. To measure this, ask the user to stand upright in their shoes and rest their arms by their side. The distance from the wrist to the floor will be the required length of the walking stick. If the user is elderly, it is important to remember that as we get older our bodies change, and this often means shrinking. This could mean having to buy a new walking sticks over time.

It is important to consider which type of walking stick to get as some users may want greater stability, and others may wish to have one that looks aesthetically pleasing. Walking sticks can be made from numerous materials, from wood to metal, to carbon fibre. Wooden walking sticks are more traditional and are very long-lasting but need to be made bespoke for a person. In recent times, carbon fibre and metal walking sticks have become more popular due to their lightness and ability to be height adjustable. The handles of walking sticks come in a variety of designs, from the classic wooden feel, to specialist designs for people who may have a weaker grip.

In terms of stability, Quad Sticks are a sensible option, as the stick has a four-pronged base that allows for greater balance. Dynalife offers two such examples, the Pyramid Quad Stick, which are height adjustable with a push-button mechanism, and can also be used by both left and right-handed people. There is also a Low Base Quad Stick which prioritises balance and stability, with anti-slip tips that are shock absorbent. Quad sticks are ideal for those who are perhaps less confident on their feet and are keen to protect themselves against any falls, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

Alternatively, a user may want something a little less noticeable without sacrificing balance. In this case, the Patient Care Product’s T-Handle Adjustable walking stick could be the right option. The stick has a traditional wooden T-shaped handle with a rubber tip for stability when walking inside or outside. The aluminium design ensures that the product is light, reducing contribution to fatigue. The traditional T-Shaped design also means it can be stored away very tidily.

K Care’s Aluminium Crook Handle also offers a traditional walking stick, which is extremely light but it is also height adjustable. The height-adjustable element ensures that if the users height diminishes over time, they are still able to use the same stick, making it a practical long-term investment financially. Personal preferences are also considered with this model, as it comes in a variety of colours, meaning the user can have an aid that they feel comfortable and confident using in public.

Getting a walking stick, or convincing a loved one to invest in one, can be a difficult process, as it means accepting that there are certain things your body can no longer do. However, in the long term, the sticks can help prevent further issues and allow you to regain confidence and independence in daily life. The modern advancements in stick design also ensures that you can have an aid that matches your personality. Whatever your needs and concerns, there is a type of walking stick that can be a life-changing aid.

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