What To Consider When Picking A Shower Stool

What To Consider When Picking A Shower Stool

A shower stool is a great way to support people living with disabilities, or having difficulties when showering and washing. Showers can become a hazardous place for the elderly who may be more prone to falling and seriously injuring themselves. There are a few key things you should consider when choosing a shower stool or chair.

How stable is the shower stool?

Stability is vital when picking a new shower stool, and you should start by looking at the base of the stool and its legs. If the user is going to struggle to stand up in the bath and needs to remain seated for a long period, then the chair should have slip-resistant tips that allow it to grip to the floor. Aquatec’s Disk on Dot Shower Stool is the ideal choice for solidity, as it has feet with rubber at the base, making it more secure, as well as being corrosion resistant due to its aluminium frame and plastic seat.

If the user is more mobile, you could consider the K Care Mobile Shower Chair, which is designed to easily manoeuvre occupants to and from the shower. This can allow the user to move the chair from the shower into another room or cupboard if they wanted to maximise space.

Another feature to consider on the shower stool, is whether the user needs armrests or back support. This would add to their comfort, and also give them more confidence when showering. In this case, the K Care Heavy Duty Shower Stool is a great pick. The chair has built-in armrests, which are great for support and help with transferring, as well as a solid back so that the user can lean backwards and relax whilst washing. Additionally, with the legs having anti-slip rubber tips, the user can have confidence that they can shower independently, without worrying about injuring themselves.

What size stool do I need?

You must check the height and weight of the chair before purchasing. If the user is slightly heavier, then they may need a stool that can support their weight, whilst smaller users will also require a chair that allows their feet to be placed firmly on the ground. Equally, you also need to measure the size of the shower, so that your stool fits perfectly., Some products come in a range of sizes, such as R&R Healthcare Equipment’s Premium Padded Shower Stool, which has various seat widths of 45cm, 52cm and 60cm.

Some options have adjustable seats, so that the height can be changed depending on the user. The Premier Shower Stool by R&R Healthcare Equipment, is equipped with adjustable legs so that the chair can be specifically tailored to the user’s exact height, to provide comfort and support.

What material should my shower chair be made from?

Shower stools and chairs should be made from water-resistant materials so that the chair doesn’t rust or slip when being used. As a result, you will find most products are made from aluminium and plastic, such as Peak Care’s Peak Corner Shower Stool, which has an aluminium frame and a contoured plastic seat. Alternatively, some stools are anti-corrosive zinc treated, such as K Care’s Maxi Shower Stool, to ensure they don’t rust. From a financial perspective getting a stool that is invulnerable to water will ensure you have made a long term investment.

Make sure the seat is comfortable

Comfort is an important consideration to have when selecting a shower stool, and numerous options are designed with comfort in mind. With people living with disabilities,or elderly people requiring longer in the shower for washing, especially if they are using a mobility aid, it makes sense to pick a stool that is designed for comfort. The Maxi Shower Chair from K Care, for example, has padded seats, backrest and armrest, making it ideal for users.


Mobility aids are essential to creating a more normal life for people living with disabilities, or just getting older. It can provide a level of independence for the users, and make a daily routine safer and easier. The key areas to look at are the stability of the shower stools, the height and weight of the user, the material that the chair is made from, and how comfortable the aid is. By doing this, you can ensure that the user will have a better standard of living, and relieve them from any stress that comes from daily bathing.

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