What Wheelchair Accessories Are There Available?

What Wheelchair Accessories Are There Available?

Do you have problems with your posture?

If you are confined to a wheelchair, you may begin to suffer pain in your back due to your posture. Being seated throughout the day can lead to curvatures on your body, as well as resulting in muscle pain in your lower back. In this case, several contoured cushions can be bought which will improve your comfort, as well asyour general posture.

Varilite Icon Deep Wheelchair Back is a lightweight solution which is ideal for those who require deeper trunk support and a larger back to combat posture problems. The Back also has some additional features, such as enhanced rollover cushions, which provide maximum comfort, and a shell that provides mild lateral support. Alternatively, if the discomfort is moderate to high, rather than low, then you might want to consider the Jay 3 Posterior Mid Thoracic Back support. The Jay 3 supports the back through the upper thoracic position. The product also has a number of sizes, levels of support, and contour depths, making it perfect for a variety of people.

What about pressure relief cushions?

Some wheelchairs are specifically designed with specialised seating that can help relieve pressure and enhance comfort. However, this isn’t the case for all wheelchairs, and you should research these mobility aids in great detail before purchasing. If the chair comes without specialised seating, you can purchase cushions that can help improve stability, and reduce the chances of pressure damage, which can afflict people who spend a great deal of the day seated.

The Roho Enhancer Cushion is a brilliant choice for wheelchair seating. The cushion uses air cells of different heights to create flexibility. Roho’s two manifold systems allow you to adjust the inside cells independently from the outside cells, which means the cushion shapes uniquely to your body. This helps with pressure distribution and minimises shear force. It could be that you have a more specific problem when sitting, such as skin breakdown, which can occur from being seated for too long, for this we recommend the J3 Cushion Pressure Care, which is optimal for users who are at high risk of skin breakdown. The cushion uses a contoured foam base constructed from closed cell foam to achieve this, and is an excellent choice for optimal immersion and weight distribution.

Do you need arm support?

Accessories to support the armrest of a wheelchair could be needed if you require some rehabilitation, have suffered a stroke, or have a condition such as cerebral palsy. The arm support can be effective in keeping the arm stable after a rehabilitation session. Shear Comfort’s Arm Support Protect keeps the arm relaxed with a thick wool pile of 1900gsm and can be fitted to all wheelchairs. It is also machine washable and is guaranteed against deterioration for 50 washes.

Skil-Care similarly offers a Lateral Stabiliser Arm Trough, which uses a gel pad to stabilise the arm when it is resting. The foam cushion adds to comfort whilst releasing pressure, and can be fitted and unfitted simply.

Will you need support around the house?

Wheelchairs come in all shapes and sizes, with many being collapsible and lightweight, however, if you need the wheelchair around their home, then you will need to consider accessories such as ramps. These will give you more confidence to move around their home if you live independently or have time to yourself. Tyrex offers the Threshold Ramp, which has 1:10 gradient making it easier getting up slight heights such as a small drop in a doorway. The ramp is stay-put and anti-slip due to the rubber material, as well as being anti-trip, meaning even on an uneven surface the rubber ramps will grip and provide superb stability.

Are there any technological accessories?

Manual wheelchairs can become quite tiring to operate, whether it is the user propelling it or a support worker pushing it. Consequently, Merits have created the Power Pack for Manual Wheelchairs, which is attached to the bottom of the chair and can be operated via a control. In short, it transforms a manual wheelchair into an electric one, due to its drive unit and the easily attachable twin-wheel design. The accessory allows for reversing as well as forward movement and can reach speeds of 5.5km/h with a range of 16km. Finally, it is lightweight and easily transportable, offering outstanding additional mobility.

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