The people and culture that makes Country Care Group

Connection, community, learning. At Country Care Group, it’s important to us that we not only provide our clients with knowledgeable and individualised service but ensure the values of connection, community and learning are threaded throughout our internal company culture as well.

To us, people matter. In providing quality service and a strong sense of community for our clients, we believe you must first start with creating that within your team.

Importantly, words matter. So much so that we run a program for our staff that seeks to educate and inform about how the impact the words we use can have when engaging with someone living with a disability. CCG’s Words Matter’ program is presented by Chris Sparks, who speaks directly about what it’s like to live with a disability. ‘Words Matter’ takes a human-centred approach, providing understanding about the importance of using appropriate and inclusive language.

Our community matters. Whether it’s the local bowls club that Rob and the CCG team sponsor (and try their hand at the healthy competition!) or working with local Allied Health professionals to collaborate and support each other in how to better support clients, giving back extends further than just business but to the wider community.

Take a listen as Nicole and Justin speak about what community, culture and the CCG family mean to them.

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