Foundations for Change – The Country Care Story

When Country Care Group Founding CEO, Rob Hogan, first started selling Karma wheelchairs and mobility aids across country Victoria from the back of his old station wagon, he never imagined that it would become the national company creating a ripple effect of change for people living with disability that it is today.

From humble beginnings, Country Care Group was born from the idea that effective and individualised healthcare solutions for people living with disability should be easily and efficiently accessible. But more than that, it should service every corner of Australia so that people living regionally get the same service and commitment to enhancing their lives as those living in metro areas.

Rob’s ethos is clear, one that hasn’t faulted across almost 25 years of business, the opening of 19 facilities including retails outlets, and employing over 250 people – empowering people to improve their everyday lives through innovative healthcare solutions.

In Foundations for Change, Rob sat down to tell the Country Care Group story, explaining how his commitment to the industry has enabled a legacy that continues to change people’s lives each and every day. CCG is not just a company, it’s a legacy that has and will continue to create a ripple effect of change for people living with disability through innovation, commitment and understanding, and providing solutions with a personalised approach.

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