Making change through accessible showrooms and NDIS Ambassadors

Making change. A feat so bold it couldn’t be done alone.

One of the most vital pieces in the building blocks of Country Care Group is the people, culture and community that has been fostered to help create the ripple effects of change.

Throughout the CCG journey, Rob and the team identified that there could be more done in helping people overcome obstacles they may face in accessing services available to them. In particular how to navigate the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and accessing timely and conveniently located support from Allied Health professionals.

The solution? Creating accessible and inclusive showrooms that include private consulting suites where customers can not only source their product needs but also meet with Occupational Therapists, NDIS Ambassadors and other Allied Health and support staff that may be a part of their individual healthcare plan.

The concept takes CCG stores from offering just product, to presenting a more accessible and inclusive lifestyle for people living with a disability. Ensuring customers have the privacy to discuss their needs, within a space that’s specifically tailored for wheelchair and mobility aids, stocked with a vast range of products that can be fitted and serviced all in one spot.

In Making Change, we hear from friends of Country Care Group, Geoff and Kate Belleville, about the beginnings of the company to where it is today, and we speak with Occupational Therapist, Renee Kelly about the importance of the private consulting suites and working collaboratively to create a positive impact in the lives of clients.

Creating change can begin with one person, but it takes a community to continue making that change.

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